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At first glance, I’m very sceptical about this mining model.

The fact there is no mining pools doesn’t mean it’s more accessible, but the opposite. Mining pools make mining more accessible by allowing small miners to get together and share some of the costs.

I think the fact there aren’t mining pools is only because the ecosystem is still very immature.

I don’t think this model would end up consuming less ressources with the same scale of incentives as Bitcoin. A larger part of the money would be spent on hardware, which isn’t more eco friendly, and a smaller part directly on electricity.

Sure, it can be argued people would begin by using already existing and underused hardware, but the same is already true for power sources.

So I personally don’t see the benefits of the main differentiating factor of this blockchain, but I’m excited to be proven wrong and to see how this evolves.

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interesting read!

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This article makes Chia seem more accessible/attractive to non-crypto experts like me.

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