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I’m Leigh Cuen, a creator focused on women and digital money.

I love inspiring women to take more control over their own lives, whether that’s through beauty or bitcoin, sometimes both. I’m a journalist and community-builder with past bylines at Teen Vogue, TechCrunch, Vice, Playboy, Mic and Business Insider, just to name a few. This is my personal newsletter. Subscribers are welcome to ask me questions about that journey, from journalist to entrepreneur, and to share stories of their own in the comments. This newsletter offers:

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I accept nameless bitcoin payments for this personal newsletter via strike.me/leighcuen, if you include an email address in the subject line (so I can manually add your subscription). You can also DM me an email and ask for a fresh bitcoin address. Paying with bitcoin can be a more anonymous way to use Substack. Here’s an example of how Strike works. ⬇️

Fair warning: This is *not* a crypto newsletter.

Since I’m a woman who knows a lot about bitcoin, many people use this newsletter to learn more about lady bitcoiners or to meet other feminists interested in technology. But I must confess, I’m not a crypto fanatic. There are plenty of podcasters out there passionately advocating for this technology. That’s not me.

I’m just a girl, standing in front of a screen, hoping it will help me connect with the world beyond my apartment. You’re welcome to join my journey and learn along with me as we go.

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